Tell Congress to Fully Fund the United Nations!

The President’s budget proposal calls for drastic cuts in foreign affairs funding that would abandon the world’s most vulnerable in a time of unprecedented need, undermine our national security, and cede ground to countries that don’t share our interests or values. Congress ultimately decides on the final budget, so they need to hear from you that these cuts are unacceptable!


Your voice has never been more important. Tell your Members of Congress that you disagree with the President’s budget proposal and urge them to fully fund the UN!




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Fully Fund the United Nations & UN Peacekeeping in FY'18


I am writing to express my support for fully funding our dues to the United Nations in Fiscal Year 2018.

The UN works to coordinate responses to global pandemics and diseases, promote peace and security, establish international business norms, and deliver lifesaving humanitarian aid, which ensures the United States doesn't have to go it alone.

As one of my elected leaders, I hope you will stand with your constituents in protecting funding for the vitally important work of the UN in FY 2018.

Thank you for your leadership.
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