Tell Congress to Reject the President's Proposed Budget Cuts to the UN!

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On March 16, the President released his budget proposal, and it’s worse than we thought for the United Nations. If enacted, the UN and its lifesaving agencies could see significant cuts this year. Over the next six weeks, Members of Congress will consider the President’s request and release their own budget.


Your voice has never been more important. Tell Congress that you disagree with the President’s budget proposal and urge them to fully fund the UN.



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Reject President Trump's Proposed UN Budget Cuts


I am an American who supports the vital work of the United Nations. I'm writing to express my opposition to President Trump's budget proposal, which includes significant cuts to foreign affairs funding and the UN.

These proposed budget cuts would threaten America's safety and security and cede ground to countries that do not share our interests and values.

In times of crisis, the strong lead, and the weak retreat. We must protect American leadership at the United Nations.

As my elected official, I ask you to publicly oppose the President's proposed cuts to the UN.

Thank you for your leadership.
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