Ask Congress to fully fund the UN in 2014

Unless Congress takes action, the U.S. may not be paying its share at the UN in 2014, with peacekeeping funding taking the biggest hit – even though peacekeepers are risking their lives to promote democracy and stability in places like Mali and South Sudan as we speak.

We can't let that happen.

If you care about supporting the UN's critical, life-saving work worldwide, then make sure your representatives in Congress know by sending the message below.


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Don't let the U.S. fall into arrears at the UN


In the new year, the United States will fall back into arrears at the United Nations for the first time since 2008. That means the U.S. is not paying its share at the UN, even though it's for services we demanded, specifically peacekeeping operations.

As a constituent who cares about the U.S. playing an active role in the United Nations' life-saving work around the world, I'm asking you to support full funding in the new year.

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