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I Stand With Americans for the UN

The Better World Campaign released a recent poll demonstrating that Americans view the UN as an important global forum to address the world’s greatest challenges.

  • 88 percent of voters say it is important that the U.S. maintain an active role in the UN.
  • 6 out of 10 Americans support paying our dues to the UN on time and in full
  • 71 percent of voters support paying peacekeeping dues on time and in full

Our latest poll is proof that Americans like YOU support the UN. 

The UN today remains on the front lines to meet some of the world’s most critical needs. From assisting Syrian refugees to protecting civilians in South Sudan to facilitating Iran nuclear proliferation, Americans understand that working together with our partners to solve global problems is more effective than going it alone.

Working together with the UN is vital to achieving peace and security around the world.

Tell Congress to reaffirm its support for full funding for the UN and UN peacekeeping operations.


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Message to Congress

I Stand With Americans for the UN

Dear [Representative],

Recent bipartisan polling by the Better World Campaign shows that the majority of Americans -- across party lines -- view the UN as a vital global forum for diplomacy, discussion, and action to resolve the most pressing issues confronting the world.

The UN will not succeed without strong U.S. commitment -- and effective global policy through a strong U.S.-UN relationship begins in our district.

Please - use your voice in Congress to reaffirm your support for full funding for the UN and UN peacekeeping operations.

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